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Who We Are

Woofah issue 4 was edited by The Droid.


Matt B – idle thoughts blog
Lives in West Yorkshire and recently saw a sheep painted in the red, gold and green and walked through a place called Cow Dub.

Sunil Chauhan
Writes for Hip-Hop Connection, Echoes & Shook, lives in Essex and still likes getting shout outs on pirate radio.

Liam Dando
A grime nerd based in Cardiff.

The Droidweareie.com
Will trade his valves and circuits for rare Tiger 7”s.

John Edenuncarved.org
Can be found in a cupboard in Stoke Newington, muttering incoherently about obscure UK MCs.

Gabriel Heatwavetheheatwave.co.uk
DJs, produces, and runs the awesome Heatwave dancehall reggae nights in London.

Per Jacobssoncomputerstyle.org
Is a Swedish dancehall enthusiast living in Los Angeles.

Tom Lea
Is Live/Reviews Editor at FACT, and chances other stuff where he can.

Oli Marlowsonicrouter.blogspot.com
Runs the excellent sonic router bog out of London.

Would like an original Pama Economy pressing of Laurel Aitken’s “Scandal In A Brixton Market” LP, as Woofah contributor rates suck.

Wayne Marshallwayneandwax.com
Writes and teaches about reggae, hip-hop, and global bass culture, makes and plays it too, mostly from his base in Cambridge, Massachusetts but sometimes from outer space.

Paul Memeblog.grievousangel.net
Produces garage and ragga techno as Grievous Angel and released a double album, Belief is the Enemy, this year, and is releasing a series of transcendent garage remixes of r’n’b tunes on his Devotional Dubz label.

Joe Muggsveryverymuch.com
Like all other music journalists, Joe is a failed musician. He collects interviews like the one included in this issue at veryverymuch.com.

Leopard Mum
Can be contacted at leopardmum att gmail.com.

South London reggae devotee, catch his show online on purple radio every Wednesday 6:30 – 8pm UK time.

Angus Taylormyspace.com/angu5taylor
Reggae devotee who travels to ireland without visiting his esteemed editor.

Daniel Turnervitalsound.podOmatic.com
Writer and photographer for Riddim, Lodown and Touch (before they went belly up!). DJ’s under the name Vital Sound and buys records that he can’t really afford…

Kek Wkidshirt.blogspot.com
Is writing SF stories based on recent Joker twelves even as you read this.

Emma Warrenlivefutures.blogspot.com
Has been writing about music for years and years and years and currently works with a gaggle of teenagers from Brixton, south London on their magazine, LIVE.

Tim Wells
Lives in Stoke Newington, drinks beer and rinses Junjo choons.

Lives north of the river Liffey, takes care of business at the Alphabet Set, makes a mean beef ramen and wants an arcade machine for his birthday.

Issue 4 VISUALS:

2nd Fade2ndfade.blogspot.com
Doodler and Dadblogger.

Matt Bensonbntl.co.uk

The Droidweareie.com
Likes to be credited.

Cora Hillebrandcorahillebrand.com

Design bureau based in Gothenburg, Sweden with a special interest in music and fashion.

Maz Mahmidmazm.co.uk
Lives in London, works in the broadcast sector, plays with Bruk.

Ron Vester
Can be contacted C/O Woofah.

Contributors to past issues – TEXT

Admiral Banton
Likes it ruff and rugged.

Melissa Bradshaw – melissabradshaw.net
Brocks out and writes for QVEST and Plan B magazine as well as working on a book about London urban music past and present.

Nick Edwards – gutterbreakz.blogspot.com
Foundational dubstep blogger and Bristol blagger.

Neil Gordon-Orr
South Londonist history obsessive, contributes to history-is-made-at-night.blogspot.com

Simon Hampsonmake-everything-better.blogspot.com
Contributes to FACT magazine.

Dan Hancoxdot-alt.blogspot.com
Writes for The Guardian, New Statesman, and Dazed&Confused.

Stewart Home stewarthomesociety.org
Is internationally known as a novelist, anti-artist, communist, commentator, and proletarian post-modernist.

Paul Jasen – deeptime.net/blog
Lives in Ottawa and manages the riddim.ca resource.

Flint Michigan

Ari Roberts
Is our friend.

Howard Slatermetamute.org/en/Guttural-Cultural
Has written for break/flow, Datacide, Noise Gate, Difficult Fun, Mute etc

Paul STN
Lives in Stoke Newington with a flatmate who once said “Hello” to Richard Attenborough.

Ed Sufi

Ben Thomson – myspace.com/hessleaudio
Co-runs Hessle Audio and is a promoter of the Ruffage club night in Leeds; he DJs on SubFM on Thursday nights, playing dubstep and garage.

Michael Winner

Contributors to past issues – VISUALS

James B
Is the Zombie Godfather of Soul, an undead sex machine.

Alex (Bok Bok) Sushondot-alt.blogspot.com
Lives in Camberwell. Designs, djs, draws and is also one half of Faggatronix.

Georgina Cook
Lives in south London and runs the eclectic D.O.T.S. night in Brixton.

Delphine Ettinger aka Ashes57 – www.ashes57.com
Is a photographer and illustrator based in London and New York whose work has appeared in Swindle Magazine, Computer Art and “Supply and Demand” by Shepard Fairey.

Jugz – myspace.com/fablesoundsystem
Lives in Southall, where he is co-founder of the Fable Soundsystem.

LGL Communication – www.lglcommunication.com
Design bureau based in Gothenburg, Sweden with a special interest in music and fashion.

Cliff Manningkududesign.co.uk

David N. Phelps – www.davidphelps.tk
Graphic Design & Photography based in Blackheath, South-East London.

Jack Rampling

Tim Schnetgöke – schnetgoeke.com
Has cameras – will travel.

Woebot – woebot.com
Woebot runs the woebot.tv video podcast and co-founded the dissensus.com discussion forum.

Issue 1 was designed by Jagu and James Brown with the assistance of Jason Backhouse.